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A true Wheatstone-bridge simulator, the 1550B Strain Indicator Calibrator presents known and repeatable resistance changes to the input of the indicator. Three decades of push buttons are used to produce incremental resistance changes. The 1550B is NIST-traceable.


  • True Wheatstone bridge circuitry
  • Simulates 120- and 350-ohm quarter, half and full bridges
  • Strain range of ±99 000 microstrain in 100 microstrain increments
  • Transducer range of ±49.95 mV/V in 0.05 mV/V increments
  • Reverse switching for plus and minus calibration
  • High precision Vishay resistors used throughout
  • Accuracy of 0.025%, NIST traceable

Datasheet:  1550B System