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The 2100 System accepts low-level signals, and conditions and amplifies them into high-level outputs suitable for multiple-channel simultaneous dynamic recording. The 2100 System is compatible with strip charts, magnetic tape and X-Y recorders. Strain gage (strain gauge), load/pressure transducer and nickel temperature sensor inputs can be handled by the 2100 System without any rewiring.


  • Accepts full, half, or quarter bridges; all bridge-completion gages built in, including 120/1000- and 350-ohm dummies
  • Fully adjustable and regulated bridge excitation on each channel; up to 12Vdc by front-panel control
  • Continuously variable amplifier gain up to 2100 by front-panel control
  • Separate bridge-power switch
  • Output 10Vdc at 100mA, short-circuit-proof and current limiting standard
  • LED null indicators provided on each channel to indicate amplifier and bridge-balance condition
  • High stability with temperature and time
  • Frequency response up to 50kHz
  • Direct channel-by-channel display of data, with optional peak hold/retention capability

Datasheet:  2100 System