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The 2200 System incorporates all the features necessary for precise conditioning of strain gage (strain gauge) and transducer inputs in the most severe operating environments. Standard features include switch-selectable constant voltage/constant current excitation; + 350V common-mode capability; automatic electronic bridge balance; wide frequency response; switch selectable 4-pole Bessel low-pass filter.


  • Plug-in amplifier design
  • Constant-voltage or constant current bridge excitation
  • Calibrated gain of 1 to 3300
  • Automatic wide-range bridge balance
  • Selectable ac or dc input coupling
  • Fully guarded input amplifier
  • Full-power bandpass of 100 Khz at all gains
  • Built-in Bessel low-pass filter with selectable cut-off frequencies
  • Dual simultaneously buffered outputs
  • Bridge completion for 120- and 350-ohm quarter-, half- and full-bridge circuits
  • Built-in shunt cailbration

Datasheet:  2200 System