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  • Twelve strain gage (strain gauge) input channels
    • Quarter-, half-, and full-bridges
    • Strain-gage-based transducers
  • Four configurable plug-in card slots for:
    • High-level voltage signals
    • Thermocouples
    • Piezoelectric transducers (charge mode and voltage mode)
  • Up to 3 scanners can be used concurrently
    • 48 channels of fully synchronized data acquisition (36 strain gage (strain gauge) plus 12 configurable)
  • Scanning rates of 50,000, 25,000, 10,000 and 5,000 samples/second (all ADC's are sampled simultaneously)
  • RJ45 input connectors for each strain gage (strain gauge) and high level channel
  • Mini-TC thermocouple connections
  • Female BNC piezoelectric connections
  • Compact size and ruggedized enclosure
  • Ethernet network architecture
  • Optional self-calibration functionality available (Vcal card)
  • Optional analog outputs for each strain gage (strain gauge) channel


System 9000 from Micro-Measurements is a versatile, precision data acquisition instrument system intended for dynamic test and measurement applications.

The system includes a scanner with 12 channels of strain gage (strain gauge) data acquisition and 4 configurable slots for high level voltage sensors, thermocouples, and piezoelectric transducers (charge mode and voltage mode).

Strain gage (strain gauge) channels accept full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations and have the required bridge completion components for 120-, 350-, and 1000- ohm bridges. Three scanners can be connected concurrently, providing 48 fully synchronized channels of data acquisition (36 strain gage and 12 configurable).

The data is processed in a modern 24-bit digital signal processor and filtering is performed using Finite Impulse Response (FIR), multi-stage filters. This provides excellent noise rejection and stability and unsurpassed measurement accuracy.

The Model 9000-16-SM Scanner communicates with a host personal computer (PC) via a DHCP auto configured Ethernet connection. Micro-Measurements StrainSmart® software is optimal for configuring, controlling, and acquiring data from the System 9000.

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